Ordinary pain

Its more than  just an ordinary pain

In your arm

quote Stevie Wonder

He had been tortured of german soldiers. Scars at the cheek could tell. He took refugees from Norway over the border to Sweden in nazi-occupied Norway during World War 2.

Route Flisa – Sysslebäck


Intend to proceed

Waiting for Another day, by artist Mezzo Forte, to show up in my Spotify playlist. Until then Peter Ceteras Glory of love, will do. Sit listening to a crowd coming from the middleeast. Swedish is tricky to learn for arabic and somali speaking audience.

In the shadow of Syria

Sit all day listening to people coming from Syria who is trying to learn Swedish. Its a long way coming from a middleeastern country to Sweden in the far north. The conversation is in arabic. Teacher knows some Swedish. We are talking people in their low middleage. Have lived all life in Syria. Not all have a refugee status

Archive cleasing time – oops

cleaning and  organizing files from way back. and this pops up. Those were the days my friend. Young, rebel. 1978. Highschool. Södermalmsskolan. Kristinehamn. Värmland. Olds Epsonscanner is useful. Like the tones at the bottom????????????????????